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Areas We Finance

Car Loans Canada finances cars in five Canadian provinces! We also serve people of all credit type. So, whether you’re a customer service rep living a few blocks from the CN Tower, or a high-end banker spending your weekend at New Brunswick’s Fundy National Park, we can help you get into the car of your dreams.

Areas We Finance - Provinces We Serve | Car Loans Canada
Are you looking for a car loan? Car Loans Canada can help, we serve many Canadian provinces. Here are the areas we finance. Apply today and Get Approved in Minutes!
  • Transparency Is at the Center of Everything We Do: We don’t hide behind marketing jargon and 3-pages of small print.
  • We’re Your One-Stop Financing Shop: One application gets you seen by over 300 lenders across Canada.
  • Our Application is Quick: Why waste all that ink when you don’t have to? Our eco-friendly application takes just two minutes to fill out.
  • We’re Here for You: Questions? Concerns? Our team of highly qualified service agents is ready for you.
  • We Have High Approval Rates: Everybody deserves safe transportation. That’s why we look for lenders who aren’t afraid to finance bad credit car loans.


Provinces We Serve
Click on the province below for more detail about their car buying habits, lending availability, and some interesting facts about their culture and history:
British Columbia
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Prince Edward Island
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Canada Car Buying Facts

  • New cars cost an average of $36,100 in 2018.
  • Ford is and continues to be the king of Canadian car brands.
  • Ford F350s are the most stolen vehicle in the country.
  • Roughly 20-percent of Canadians have a credit score below 600.
  • More than half of new car loans in Canada have terms 84 months or longer.
  • Speeding and failure to stop tickets are the most common citations in Canada.
  • Canadians spend an average $800 a year on car maintenance and upkeep.
  • As of 2015, the average car payment in Canada was $570 .
  • Nearly a quarter of all cars on the road are silver.
  • The average car in Canada now lasts 12.88 years according to data released by The Star. 888 536-4210

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